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Turnings by Gaius "Doc" Hanawalt



Vessel Categories

Beech Vase

Ziz-zag Bowl

Cocobolo Bowl

Segmented Vases

Segmented Bowls

Solid Bowls


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Notice: Woodland Woodturning is in no way affiliated with alibaba.com from China.  I know nothing about them except that they have many complaints registered against them and that they have ripped off my photos and are using them on their site without my permission, which is a copyright violation.  (See note below) Do a Google search and you will see a long list of their angry customers. It appears they are claiming to be an agent for me. They are not my agent and do not have any of my work so I cannot be responsible if they scam you.  Please buy from me or one of the galleries listed on this site only.  Gaius

Note: All the images on this site are copyrighted and are the property of Woodland Woodturning.

They may not be copied or used for any purpose without our written permission.

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