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How to care for your bowl

Keep it out of the dishwasher and sun

The number one reason bowls crack is improper care/or improperly dried wood.  We make all our segmented bowls from kiln dried lumber.  We bring it into our shop and let it sit for months before using it so all the wood will be uniform.

My one piece bowls are made in steps. Thick pieces do not kiln dry well, the centers remain wet while the outside is dry.  This is obvious if you test the outside and then drill a whole halfway trough the block and then test the center!  The wood is cut into blanks the approximate size of the bowl, dated, and then dried for a year. The bowl is then  roughed out leaving about 1" material on all sides. It is then dated again and packed away for at least another year (sometimes a few years)  to continue drying. Next it is tested for moisture and if dry, finish turned and oiled. 

We do all we can to insure you get a bowl that will last for many generations.  There are a few things you must do. My art type bowls can be waxed with a paste furniture wax a few times a year.  The utility bowls (salad bows etc.) can be oiled every few months.  I use a food grade oil that has been FDA approved for bowls and cutting boards.  It is available at most woodworking stores, or if you contact me I will give you a small amount.  You must use it quickly though it's shelf live is very short in small containers and it will harden in as short as a few days. To use it put some on a paper towel and wipe it onto the clean bowl.  Wait a few minutes and wipe it back off.  After a few hours (8) you can polish the bowl with a soft cloth to bring up the shine.    Mineral oil can be used but it can turn rancid.  Walnut oil is better, bowl oil is best.

Wash your bowls with soap and water and never let one soak in the sink. Rinse and dry immediately.   A trip through the dishwasher will destroy any bowl first time, every time. The harsh detergent will remove the finish and the heat will crack the bowl.  

Note: All wood will darken if exposed to UV rays  To keep the bright reds, yellows and purples bright, keep your bowl in a place where sun does not hit it.  Six months in your front window will make a drastic difference.


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