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Woodland Woodturning

Woodland, PA USA

Wooden Segmented Vases

These handcrafted wooden segmented vases are made by Gaius Hanawalt from Woodland, PA.  


 Bloodwood, Yellowheart and Turquoise

Sold - Starbuck Collection

The Rapids

Clearfield County, PA  Ash and Walnut

@ ECCOTA Gallery


"Together Forever"

Bloodwood and Yellowheart

First place at the 2008 SRAC show


This Vase is made from Curly Maple from Clearfield County, PA., and Bloodwood from South America.

  About 8 1/2 X 4 1/2"  


This vase is made from Maple, Bloodwood, Purpleheart, Yellowheart, Padauk, Walnut and Cherry.

All the colors are natural except the black used in the stripes.

I used maple that I dyed black for that.

About 9 x 4 1/2 " 


I used Birch, Walnut, Bloodwood, A dyed laminate and natural and dyed Maple (For the Black stripes)

This vase has 184 pieces and is about 8.5" x 4.5"

This is one of my favorites. I got the idea for the feature ring from some symbols used in ancient temples.

This won an award at the "2009 SRAC Fall Show.


This vase is made from cherry and dyed laminate.


Sold - Starbuck Collection       

Greek Sunrise


Beech, Yellowheart and Dyed Laminate




For Cathy

Bloodwood and Yellowheart

All colors are natural except black.



Woodland Woodturning

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