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Bet you thought this was going to be genealogy.  I'm working on that also I have 26,000 + names gathered and have one line back to the year 4 AD. But that is not what is here.   To talk to me about genealogy,  click here.      Gaius

This page shows Items I have made from a tree on my parents former home in Huntingdon County, PA

I am giving my siblings a choice of any item on this page.


                      Elm Bowl # 1

This bowl is 5" in diameter by 2" high


                      Elm bowl # 2

This open bowl is 6" diameter by 21/4" high


This pen is a "Designer" style and uses a "Cross" refill.


This egg is a Kaleidoscope and is the size of a duck egg.

This one is made from the Walnut tree, I also have one from Elm.




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