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Handmade Wooden Cutting Boards


These fine craft cutting boards are handcrafted in our Woodland, PA workshop.  These are a great gift for a bride,  with proper care, she will be able to pass this on to her children.

Care:  Do not put these into the Automatic dishwasher. It will remove the finish and dry out and maybe crack the wood.  Treat with Walnut oil or mineral oil (or better yet Butcher Block oil) whenever they look dry.  Rub in a small amount of oil with a rag. (A little oil and  lots of rubbing will give great results) 

Item  Cutting Board-10

These (3-D) Herringbone cutting boards are made from hardwood pieces. 

I continue to experiment with the design and woods used. We have several different designs and shapes.

       8x14        Zigzag



     12x18         Zigzag



10x 16 Chevron



10x18 Chevron



10x18 Chevron



10x10 Chevron


10x18 3-D



12x18 Chevron



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Each one takes a week +  to complete. They all get about 10 coats of hand rubbed oil finish and are hand sanded between every coat.  They are beautiful!  

Note:  They are all flat! The 3-D effect is an illusion.

Check with me to see what I have available.  Email       You can pay with PayPal

Rolling Pin/Cutting Board Sets

Rolling Pin, Cutting Board and Holder

12x16 board 10x16 board


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